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Who do you say I am?

(Disclaimer. Last night, our QUIZ went well.  But to be honest, I realized the “teaching bit” was too rushed and I didn’t express exactly, what I felt was laid on my heart*. *excuse the Christianize.)


So here is my second attempt, written. Grab a cup of coffee and have a break and ponder these words/thoughts:

– The nature of a QUIZ is that of a quiz master asking questions.
– Your role is to “answer” what you think the answer is.
– Jesus in a sense had(s) a “quiz” for us.
– He ask’s a pertinent question in Mark 8: 29

“But what about you?” he asked. “Who do you say I am?” Peter answered, “You are the Messiah.”

– Some of those earlier folk had suggested: He was a prophet. Some said he was John the Baptist or perhaps even Elijah.
– But Jesus wasn’t interested in hearsay.
– He wanted to know what THEY (the disciples) thought.
– And LIKEWISE – with you and I.
– Who do you say Jesus is?

– The way you answer that question, will show in how you live your life.
– It will show in how you express your faith.

– If we see Jesus as some sort of “spiritual vending machine” then we’d just keep asking Him for things.  Is that a healthy relationship?
– If we see Jesus as our redeemer or saviour; perhaps we’d approach him with sincere gratitude and love.
– Who do you see Jesus as? A miracle worker? A friend?

– How would you answer that?

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