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Recycling Tips

Thank you for taking part in the recycling so far.  I know I shared that recently.  But I’m still just so thrilled…


One of the collection vans is in for repairs so I had to help take some of our recycling stuff to another depot. (Near the new mall).  While loading Andrew’s bakkie I noticed some things that can be approved – so here is a reminder for recycling collection:

Some DO’s and DON’TS:

– wash out all recycling
– collect milk cartons separately
– separate paper, plastic, tins and glass. Have each type of recycling in a separate bag.
– ensure the bag is tied properly!

– put different category recycling items in same bag
– (chip packets are not plastic. Throw them away!)
– don’t throw lose items in depot at the church.
– don’t be lazy in your sorting.


“A picture paints a 1000 words” – as they say – here are some motivational and informative pics about recycling:


I came across this ARTICLE on some Good Recycling Tips – go and read them.  Interesting and practical!

It’s good to see the awareness is growing here at St Peters.  Keep telling and teaching others about recycling.  From your children, to your grandchildren, to your friends and to your colleagues.  My goal would be to have the town of Secunda aware of recycling and actually doing it.  Dream big! God’s mandate to us 🙂

3 thoughts on “Recycling Tips

    1. What are you struggling with? At home we have a separate bin with two separate bags in it. One for paper. One for plastic. Outside we have another two bags where we collect tins and glass. Hope that helps.


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