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Friday Youth

We had a little youth gathering on Friday.  We met in the church hall and God did some amazing things:


I wanted to emphasis the message of being connected with God. And not just having a “Friday Youth Group” faith…
We looked at John 15 – the vine and the branches. There is something so profound with that passage. The gospel could be summed up in there.

“Remain in My love” Jesus implores. “Remain in me and I will remain in you.” (There can be no other better connection / relationship.)

We did some fun challenges. We even stuck with the futuristic times (making robots) as one of the challenges.


The challenged ended with a picture capturing the message of John 15. See above pic.

There were two moving times for me on Friday night. I had planned some “forced” quiet time at the end of the evening. They had a scripture passage and some questions to sit with. There was 20 minutes. And as the youth went to sit on their own… an incredible silence fell over the office. They all were focused. Connecting. (It was stunning!)

Prior to that I also enjoyed it when they all sang along to Good Good Father by Chris Tomlin.
(I didn’t expect that. I played it from my laptop and they just sung in worship. Was brilliant!)

Check out the song here:

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