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FAMSA Christmas Party and 80 shoe boxes! Well done!!! :)

Well done St Peters! Your generosity is wonderful.

Earlier this quarter, I set a challenge of collection 80 Christmas gift parcels for the children who FAMSA (Families or South Africa) work with.

And you did it! You reached the target.
We collected 12 school bags (with school shoes) and another 68 shoeboxes filled with stationery, toiletries and toys.

Here are the pictures from the collections and the party:


The deadline day was 6 December to drop off all the collected parcels. That morning after packing and sorting we had reached 71 packages. I was thrilled! We had set a HIGH goal of 80.

I sent out “thank you and congratulation” messages. Because you all deserved it. Your generosity was incredible!

AND THEN – after that message, one of our members at St Peters messaged me saying that they would bring anoter 9 gifts so that we could reach our goal. Amen!

80 children were blessed by your kindess. Tose children matter. They have a future. They are loved. And our little actions of kindness, reminded them. They are worth it!

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Christmas Play 2016

I was thrilled at how the Christmas Play turned out this year.  For me it was a sort of culmination (I really just wanted to use that word) of a great year with the children of our Sunday School.  Thanks to the cast (kids and adults) who acted and for Dylan doing the sound and data.  It was a great little production.  The main message asking two things:

  1. What gift do you bring to Jesus this year?
  2. Could your offer your whole life as a gift to Jesus?
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Blanket Handout

On Saturday 28 November, some ladies from the CWF and our church went to drop off blankets that were made (by various folk in our community) at Thuthukana.

Thuthukana is situated in Leslie.  It is a drop in centre that runs a creche and other social welfare services.

Thanks to those ladies who went along on Saturday.  And to those who made the blankets.

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ Matthew 25: 14

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A different Christmas Perspective

My friends at The Sanctuary Centre produced these excellent Christmas stories two years back.  The perspective offered from the various characters of the Christmas Narrative is brilliant!  Feel free to download the PDF.

  1. Use it will your cell groups (home groups)
  2. Use it in the office place.  Maybe print it, pin it up on the notice board at your work?
  3. Or use in your own personal devotions.


I am very certain this will give you a fresh approach to Christmas this year!  Click on the links to below to open / download any of the 3 stories

  1. From Elizabeth: meditation_elizabeth_grace_born_in_the_wilderness
  2. From Joseph: meditation_joseph_on_the_run_with_the_baby_deliverer
  3. From the Shepherds: meditation_shepherd_devotional