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Recycling is still on!

Keep on recycling! 

Don’t let the construction deter your efforts. 

You can drop your recycling off here at the church Monday to Thursday 8am – 2pm.

Think green. Think sustainability! 

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NB** “Change of Venue & time”

Attentiotinew building construction commences from 1 Oct.

So this Sunday – 2 October 2016.

We are at the Anglican Church.

Service starts at 8am.

Note. the time change!!

Address: Van Rhijn Street.

(Across the way of Coron Park Entrance)

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Recycling – NO LOSE ITEMS!! Please

Please friends, when recycling:

1) No lose items in our recycling depot!

2) Please pack your recycling items in bags.

3) Please wash your recycling items.

I understand there is some effort required with the recycling. That’s the nature of caring for the requires something of you.

The depot here at church is for recycling. Not a rubbish dump!

If you find it too difficult to do recycling properly, then rather stop. (No hard feelings. I promise)