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Prayer journey to the stable

Next week, we will be going on a prayer journey approaching Christmas.

Monday to Thursday next week.. a prayer will be posted each day for us to think about.

(Booklets with those prayers will also be available this Sunday, 20th December at the service)

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From Joseph’s Perspective (Christmas 2015)

If you are anything like me… we find that the Christmas period races by as another commercial event in our lives. We’re supposed to be celebrating the love of our God who sent His son for us as our Saviour.

But somehow through the tinsel, wrapping paper, Christmas meal preparations… we lose sight of Jesus.

Every Christmas, I intentionally try and focus more on my quality and quiet time with God. I want to approach Christmas with more sincerity and awe in my heart.

I use Christmas music.
I sit with the birth of Jesus narrative and let it stew in my heart.

But recently… I discovered this great resource from THE SANCTUARY (Go and check their site out.)

Here is the resource I was talking about:


Or alternatively you can click HERE (both documents are PDF).

Hope you enjoy this perspective…