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Prayer 4 – When Redemption begins

When redemption begins

“So this was truly God,
Wrapped in a tattered blanket,
Love was finally here,
Sleeping while the world awakened,
And redemption begins,
With a baby in Bethlehem”

(When hope comes down—Kari Jobe)


Prayer Focus

I like the idea of Jesus being LOVE personified.  That’s what the world needs.  LOVE needs to be our motive of all we do.   And then as the song says. God in humble beginnings: a tattered blanket.

Do you believe God is in your humble settings?

  • Celebrate the LOVE of God in your life and in the world.
  • How can you share LOVE with another? Is God showing you a new way, a new service of love?
  • Ponder the humble setting of your life.


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Prayer 2 – When silence is golden

When silence is golden

“So this is how it was
A silent night like any other,
When heaven sent the one,
The one we will call our Saviour,
And redemption begins,
In a stable in Bethlehem”

(When hope comes down—Kari Jobe)


Prayer Focus

Christmas time can get noisy.  Busyness is also a noise.  The song speaks of God slipping into the world on a “seemingly ordinary “night.  Perhaps Jesus does that same this year in your life.  Look for Him in the ordinary:

  • Pray to see God in the ordinary movements of your life.
  • Be silent in prayer. Just sit there with your Saviour.  (Don’t let words get in the way)
  • Thank God for being our Saviour